ATWAS Creations

The other half of ATWAS (I hope, anyway) is about game design. If you've ever tried looking for Christian video games, you've probably been sorely disappointed. Most Bible-based and/or faith-based video games are boring, unfinished, or just plain bad. The couple of Christian games I've seen that I thought were good went largely unnoticed by either Christian or secular gaming communities.

To be honest, I feel like I'm making this page waaaaaaaaaaaaay too far in advance. I have nothing but a bunch of ideas. And I'm only one person, so I don't know when or if any of these will ever see the light of day.

But who knows! It'll never happen if I don't try, right?

So, anyway, here's a link to the game I'm working on, Chaossaurus. I'm making it in Orteil's Idle Game Maker (you know, the original Cookie Clicker? same development engine). So far, I literally only have a name (which might change, actually) and an unfinished background. But I've only been working on it for a week, so I don't think that's bad! I also have lots of notes drawn up, I'm just still trying to figure out how to incorporate them.

Here's a watercolor version of the background I'm working on:

(Yes, I painted that myself! Unfortunately, I'm also the one who took the picture of it. I promise that it looks better IRL XP )