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This is an HTML page I created in Notepad + +. I will tell you all about some of my favorite video games and some video game history while I practice HTML. WARNING: This page contains spoilers for several different games. Do not continue reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

Pong is generally recognized as the 1st commercial video game ever created1.

Sega created Sonic the Hedgehog to be a rival for Nintendo's famous character Mario. Mario was originally known as "Jump Man" in the arcade game Donkey Kong before Nintendo started giving Mario his own games.

Nothing starts until you take action. If you have time to worry, then run!

-Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Take care of yourself, kid. Cause someone really cares about you.

Although Elder Scrolls was the first truly open-world game, BOTW is regarded by many players as the new gold standard for open-world gaming.

Because the Legend of Zelda franchise has such a complex and convoluted storyline, Hyrule Historia was written to provider some clarification on the Zelda timeline.

A metroidvania is a non-linear game genre in which the character gains power-ups and new abilities as the game progresses, allowing the player to return to areas that have been previously searched in order to find hidden items and new paths.

Undertale is very cringe cool.

Shadow the Hedgehog was considered an edgelord is being written properly again.

Some of my favorite games and game franchises:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Undertale and Deltarune (they are a set, do not separate)
  3. Legend of Zelda
  4. Metroid

Sometimes the words in Undertale don't quite match our understanding of them.

Stands for "EXecution Points."
Short for "LOVE."
Stands for "Level Of ViolencE."

Here's a link to my favorite Sonic rom hack. It's call Sonic Sad Hill.

Right now, I am SUPER obsessed with Axiom Verge, so here's a link to the list of tips I'm working on making for AV.

Pictures and Videos

Yay! Time for the fun stuffs! I'm just gonna post a few memes and fanart that I've made, just to get an idea of how to put pictures on a page.

A screenshot of Knuckles the Echidna from the movie Sonic the Hedgehog 2, wearing a green knit beanie, on a white background.
Knuckles the Woolhat (Only a Monkees fan will get it)
A collage of screenshots of Sonic from Rhea Island, along with the words: 'And if I only could, I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get Him to swap our places.  Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building.  With no problems.'


Below is a table showing my favorite indie game developers, the games they are best known for, and the development engines they used.

1 2 3
Developer Toby Fox Tom Happ Eric Barone
Game Undertale Axiom Verge Stardew Valley
Engine used Game Maker Studio Monogame Microsoft XNA (defunct)


123 Meadows Dr., Somewhere, OK 12345


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